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While trees contribute to the environment and enhance your landscape’s visual appeal, their presence can pose a risk when they become hazardous to your property. C & C Tree and Landscaping Solutions, LLC, located in Oklahoma City, OK, boasts certification as arborists skilled in assessing and eliminating risky trees. Our proficient team excels in pruning large branches that encroach upon power lines, trimming overgrowth, and safely felling trees that could potentially harm your property.

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In situations where a perilous tree jeopardizes your abode or landscape, entrust your needs to C & C Tree and Landscaping Solutions. Our spectrum of services encompasses tree trimming and specialized hazardous tree removal, particularly for trees that exhibit:

  • Inclination or leaning due to erosion
  • Impairment from lightning or strong winds.
  • Proximity to power lines or structures
  • Superficial root growth.
  • Compromise due to tree diseases

Our approach involves a meticulous removal process, safeguarding the remainder of your property. Phone us today to arrange a tree assessment or secure tree trimming services.


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